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acta community theatre

acta community theatre

acta Centre, Gladstone St, Bedminster, Bristol, BS | Joined 26 April 2013
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Combined Arts, Literature, Music, Other, Theatre, Visual Art, Disability, Older People, Refugees, Women, Outside London


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acta is a Community arts organisation that specialise in helping hard to reach communities create their own original theatre.

acta uses the power of theatre to change people’s lives. We do this by involving people in creating their own original plays and performance projects.  Our unique ability to actively involve the hardest to reach sections of society is universally admired and respected.

We believe that theatre belongs to everyone, and everyone has a story to tell. Their voices are often not heard, so acta creates a place where everyone’s story matters, where individual opinions and experiences count, and are valued by others. We enable communities to share their stories, and engage at least 4 out of 5 audience members who rarely attend theatre.

Our projects create positive change in individuals, raising aspirations and improving skills, confidence, self-worth & employability; we enable people to work together, make theatre and have fun.

‘acta belongs among the foremost community arts companies in Europe. The Utrecht Community Art Lab commend acta for their important work and regard the organization as a crucial factor in the further development of community arts in Europe.’

Dr. Eugene van Erven, Research director, Community Art Lab, & Senior Lecturer in Theatre, Utrecht University.

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