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Action Space Mobile

Action Space Mobile

Mapplewell & Staincross Village Hall Darton Lane M | Joined 11 September 2012
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Combined Arts, Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Art, Disability, Older People, Refugees, Outside London


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Action Space Mobile is an arts organisation that has been driving the arts for over 40 years.  People are at the heart of what we do.  We passionately believe that participating in arts activity can change lives positively for all.  We are specialists in diversity.

We deliver a wide range of creative arts workshops using a diverse group of professionally trained artists (all CRB checked) whose skills include visual arts, craft, movement, dance, music (instrumental, vocal and compositional), storytelling, puppetry, film and digital projections.

We work with:

¬∑  Children and adults with learning and physical disabilities
¬∑  People with mental health illnesses
¬∑  People with alcohol and drug addictions
¬∑  Children in mainstream and special schools
¬∑  All people in the local community
¬∑  Asylum seekers and refugees
¬∑  The elderly
¬∑  Students in higher education
¬∑  Newly qualified artists and volunteers
¬∑  International communities

Examples of our work include:

¬∑  Touring theatre productions
¬∑  Theatre skills workshops for adults of all ages with learning disabilities
¬∑  Arts and adventure activities for children with and without special needs
¬∑  Therapeutic arts workshops
¬∑  Making mosaics, banners, masks, shadow puppets, maps, felt,
  wall-hangings, carnival items, montage, rangoli, lanterns, scarecrows,
  illuminated ice balls and much more
¬∑  Video jockeying, film making and editing workshops
¬∑  Recreating one art form into another, for example, turning a poem into a painting

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