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Pass It On Wiltshire

Posted by Dominic Campbell on 06 August 2014

Pass It On (PIO) is an arts commission being developed in the English County of Wiltshire over summer 2014. The Commission has arisen from the Royal Society of Arts long term partnership with Wiltshire Council on their Community Campus programme.

The Commission sits within the partnership’s Arts and Social Change programme, which is running concurrent programmes in the county, led by Jocelyn Cunningham and supported by Natalie Remington.

Part of the role of the RSA is to support people developing, using or running a campus in their area in finding creative new ways of working, as well as engaging the wider community to see their areas afresh. The Pass It On commission sits within this wider context and is based on understanding of how creativity opens up new ways of working together.

The project’s brief was to seek to include those who work with or use local services alongside residents, local Councillors, Council staff, professionals and locally based artists. An intergenerational involvement was key and walking was given as a core theme.

More on how it works, how it is developing and what informs its processes can be found on the projects website


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