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Flower Remedies.  30 Sept 2011

Posted by Vicky Lee on 17 December 2011

How often in a performance do the emotions go haywire. All these superstars in the room can create fireworks. Black holes appear in our memories, and how about stage fright that suddenly takes over and overwhelms. It's time to turn to flower essences for rescue. Overwhelmed when normally you cope well try Elm in the Healing Herbs of Dr Bach. Lack of confidence leads us to Larch and explosions of irritation to Impatiens. The great standby Five Flower Rescue or Rescue Remedy is the one for crisis. On Tuesday this week a new book The Hidden Geometry of Flowers gives an exploration into the structure of flowers and what is behind their intrinsic beauty and healing power. Every page filled with beauty and explanation of such simple things as buds and leaves and petals, giving the metaphysics behind their form and allowing us to draw this inside ourselves and heal our souls


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