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Ethical practice with social purpose

Posted by Penny Hay on 02 February 2014

What is the most inspiring project you know about and why?

Suzanne Lacy's work

Why? because she asks questions such as

How do you describe this work? 

How do you represent it, and how do you understand whether or not it is effective? 

Does it operate as quality art?

What is quality in this context?

Also Francois Mattaraso's: 'Parliament of Dreams'


What have you created, enabled or been part of that you are most proud of? schoolwithoutwalls school without walls children's rights thinking imaginatively together creativity at batheaston school

Why? because the research is underpinned by a clear set of values and principles based on creativity, democracy and participation.


What is the project you would most like to be a part of?

Anna Ledgard's work

Why? Critical reflection and creative dialogue: ethical practice with social purpose.

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Dominic Campbell on 06 February 2014

Suzanne thanks for posting these, fascinating set of references

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