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Applied Performance DVD/video/online resources

Posted by Natalie Hart on 03 February 2014

Applied Performance
DVD/video/online video resources

This list is by no means exhaustive and I hope it will be added to and feed into lists and archives that other people are collecting.  It was compiled by Natalie Hart with the great help of a number of very knowledgeable members of SCUDD (Standing Conference of University Drama Departments
Any queries please email  me:

Triangles Work: In Times of War ISBN 9780954118570

Performance Learning and Heritage DVD - available from Tony Jackson via

Oily Cart’s DVD

M.A.D.E. (drama teachers group): ‘Indians & Pioneers’ (classroom-based TIE project for top juniors, multiple sessions, c. 1994). Video. Manchester University Media Centre.

Big Brum: Imagination in Action (focus on ‘Tune’, 2007)

M6 Theatre: ‘Peacemaker’; and ‘Story Tree’ (both for young age groups; undated but c. 2000-2003) (2 x 20m video cassettes)

M6 Theatre: ‘Grounded’ (TIE piece, performance + workshop dealing with teenage sexual health/relationships, c. 1998). Video. Manchester University Media Centre.

‘Brand of Freedom’ (Pit Prop Theatre, 1984 – video then transferred to DVD; Manchester University Media) (good example of ‘classic’ participatory TIE)

Keyworth, L. (2004) Applied theatre : three examples of practice : an educational resource [DVD]. Lancaster: PALATINE

Useful Websites:

Online videos
Leaf Ecological Arts Festival:

Newman University Community and Applied Drama LAB:

Playhouse - Compilation video of Playhouse’s work with children and young people:

Whippersnappers Under 5’s workshop -


Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Youth Theatre
Learning Disabilities audio play


Mantle of the expert:

10 x 10 by Ceriph – Intergenerational writing project in Singapore

Wild@HeART - Melbourne

University of Manchester/James Thompson

Theatre for audiences with profound disabilities

Storytelling though Drama and Film

Jail Guitar Doors/Billy Bragg, Guitars and Prisons

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Dominic Campbell on 06 February 2014

Natalie these are great!

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