Connected Conversations; Passing It On - Participants Roundtable


07 February 2014

The third Connected Conversations; Passing It On roundtable took place on Thursday 30 January 2014 at the RSA in London. The participants roundtable involved the following:

Anniwaa Buachie, Roundhouse
Jane Nash, Various
Iris Dove, London Bubble
Andrew Stern, London Bubble
Lucy Bradshaw, London Bubble
Maureen Tyson, London Bubble
Anita Lancet, Spare Tyre
Alma Ramnauth, Spare Tyre
Lucia Kramarova, Spare Tyre
Lillian Bartholomew, Entelechy
Rosie Wheatland, Entelechy
Sally Flood, Magic Me
Nicola May, Various
Josh Grigg, Spare Tyre
David Munns, Spare Tyre
Sherya Ukil, Emergency Exit Arts
Madeleine Kludje, Emergency Exit Arts
Reuben Massiah, Emergency Exit Arts
Jocelyn Cunningham, Arts and Society
Georgina Chatfield, Arts and Society and the RSA
Dominic Campbell, Connected Culture and Independent Philanthropy Arts Entrepreneur
Josh Solnick
Alice Maggs, Illustrator

--> Artistic Response by Fergus Early

--> Storyboard of the event by Alice Maggs

The ongoing conversation can be found on Twitter via @CCAdultArts and @artssocietyuk by using the hashtag #connectedconversations
Connected Conversations; Passing It On is a series of four roundtable discussions examining participatory arts practice through the voices of artists, commissioners, participants and thinkers. To find out more about these roundtable discussions, visit the Connected Conversations; Passing It On project page.

Connected Conversations: Passing It On is the inaugural project of Arts & Society supported by Arts Council England and the RSA delivered in partnership with Connected Culture, an online network celebrating participatory arts that is facilitated through Spare Tyre.